Kickstarter campaign has started!

Dezember 20

Our crowdfunding campaign for TankVR has ended today.
But we got sad news. Because of that, we don't have enough money to continue this project. So TankVR is discontinued for a while, till we got enough resources to develop new features. Kickstarter campaign.


Kickstarter campaign has started!

November 20

We have started our crowdfunding campaign for TankVR.
We would be happy if you support our Project on Kickstarter.
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Job Offer: Unity developer

October 26

As you might know, we are looking for one new employee for dochengmedia. You are now able to apply for this job.

What is you job about?
In short: you'll be developing TankVR with me.
You need experience in:

  • - Unity with C#
  • - Virtual Reality
  • - Motion controls with HTC Vive controllers
  • - Networking for Multiplayer and voice chat

Where would be your workplace?
You'll be at our office in Wiesbaden.

Daubit Programmierung Service GmbH
Riederbergstraße 3
65195 Wiesbaden

You don't have to speak German. But at least english.

If this sounds right, just send me your CV to


Kickstarter campaign starting soon!

October 15

Today I'm happy to announce that I'm starting a Kickstarter campaign for TankVR.

Why do I start a crowdfunding campaign?
The game is still in early development and it's taking much more resources than planned at the beginning. As I'm the only developer on TankVR I need to hire one more developer, as I don't know that much about networking and multiplayer. I want to complete TankVR in the next 6 month and implement the following features:

The multiplayer will have 2 modes. Crew vs. AI and Crew vs. Crew. A Crew is played by 4 players. You can choose your allocation between the driver, gunner, loader and commander. Teamplay is very important in multiplayer, you have to talk via voice chat to your teammates if you wan't to win the game.

Motion Controls
Wouldn't it be awesome to reload your tank by taking the bullet and putting it into the chamber? Motion controls like this will be implemented on all soldier allocations. You will have to move much more than ever in TankVR.

When does the Kickstarter campaign start?
At the moment, I don't have a specific date when the campaign starts. But, if the campaign has started, I will post a second announcement about the campaign beeing live at Kickstarter.